Our Careers team consists of Sophie Hubbert and Kamran Toor (our Solicitors’ Representatives) and Caitlin Mailman (our Barristers’ Representative). They work closely with firms across the country in order organise events throughout the year to enhance our members’ career prospects.

We also work closely with the Careers Development Service at the university to ensure that all of our events complement each other.

We run many workshops and meet & greets, which give students the opportunity to enhance their networking skills, learn how to do well in an interview, and how to excel at application level.

This constant exposure to top law firms means that we are fully equipped to talk to firms, and to proceed with applications for jobs.

Our Careers reps also work closely with firms’ campus representatives in order to help facilitate their events.

We have an enormous amount of careers events, so make sure to keep fully up-to-date via the drop-down tabs on the website, or through social media. You don’t want to miss out on these very exclusive events!