Academic Officer


Being Academic Officer for the University of Leicester Law Society allows you to gain valuable insight that will help you enrich your career in law. My responsibilities include organising trips of an academic nature, advancing the career opportunities of Law Society members; compiling detailed budget plans for any academic trip as well as assisting any other committee members with their responsibilities.

You will be have full discretion as to what academic trips to plan. Planning the Strasbourg, France Trip is mandatory, but do it well and you may be able to land a free trip! This position requires dedication and hard work but it definitely has it perks! You will be able to network with many professionals and lecturers. I am extremely grateful for the rest of the Committee members who have supported me with my plans. It has been a wonderful experience thus far.

Apply for the position of Academic Officer if you wish to contribute to the growth of the Law Society and advance the opportunities available to your peers!

Application process?

Campaign & Election. Please email your manifesto to by Friday 26th February.