Law Review Editor-in-Chief


Being the Law Review Editor-in-Chief, although it is a lot of work, is an extremely rewarding job. It will include managing your own sub-committee, organising two bi-yearly issues which entails editing all of the articles with your team, and organising the launch event. This job is perfect for someone who is interested in academia and academic journalism as the official publication consists of more academic articles, and the website more journalistic ones. We cover all areas of law so you have to have a real interest in exploring all areas, and it really develops your people skills as you have to contact firms, academics and students to provide prizes, sponsorship and support for the Review. You get to develop a plethora of different skills for editing, managing and helping with the other tasks like directing the webmaster when managing the website, selecting the committee, and coordinating publicity. The Leicester Student Law Review is a publication with a growing reputation and if you are a conscientious, passionate individual who thinks they develop this journal even further, then this is the job for you.

Application process?

Application & Interview. If you wish to apply for this committee position, please email a completed application form to by Friday 11th March.

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