Legal Advice Clinic

The Clinic provides a crucial service, free of charge, to University of Leicester students and staff and to the general public on a limited basis.  Areas of coverage include landlord & tenant, employment and contract law.  Clients will walk away with comprehensive information regarding their legal rights and options or advice on where to turn next.

The Clinic is fully run by law students, providing them with an opportunity to hone their legal skills in a client-centred environment while making a difference in the lives of their peers, and now their neighbours.  First year law students act as Administrators and perform office and client management tasks.  Clinic Advisers are appointed from second and final year law students.  The Advisers work in pairs to research the client’s issue, interview them and formulate appropriate advice.  All client meetings are supervised by a solicitor drawn from the local legal community or a member of the academic staff.

The Clinic operates during university term times (late October to mid-December, resuming in late January through to late March). Appointments are available Wednesday afternoons to staff and students and Thursday evenings to the public.

For appointments please email:

Director of Legal Advice Clinic: Christine Caborubias