The Asylum Project

The Asylum Project will be working in collaboration with NEST (New Evidence Search Team), which is a not for profit organization affiliated with the Leicester City of Sanctuary that obtains referrals from the Red Cross. Our vision for this project is to be the route to the justice system that asylum seekers often do not have access to.

Your Role

The success of an asylum claim depends on whether the asylum seeker can convince the authorities that the terrible misfortunes they suffered in their country from which they escaped, did in fact happen. This is often a difficult process. When someone is fleeing in fear of his or her life, there is seldom time to think of collecting evidence and often, asylum seekers are not aware of their legal rights.

As a case analyst of the Asylum Project, you will in turn become a member of NEST. The aim of the project is to help people find fresh evidence to support their appeals and fresh claims for asylum. We do not, however, provide any legal advice. You will be required to analyse Home Office and court documents, conduct research, meet with clients and discern whether there are grounds for a fresh asylum claim.

As a case analyst, you will also be required to be committed, hardworking, organized and passionate about this role. You will be working in pairs of two and will have the support of the Asylum Project’s Directors and academic advisor. You will need to possess time management skills, pro-activism and possess excellent communication skills, as you will be directly meeting with individuals seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. It is also important that your research findings are compiled methodically and are understandable to lay persons too.


For more information please contact Surina Sud, Founder and Chief Officer, at