Agony Aunt

This year we will be introducing an agony aunt service for the law school in order to provide an anonymous, non-judgemental and helpful ear for students who may feel nervous talking to peers or tutors. The answers will aim to provide educational and helpful answers while maintaining an amusing and easily accessible response style.

Questions can relate to any law student issues ranging from academic questions (which we would endeavour to point the student in the right direction) to personal study problems.

Please note that any inappropriate questions will be ignored.

Agony Aunt Form:

Responses will be posted on a bi-weekly basis on our website, with submissions answered chronologically.

Our Agony Aunt is an anonymous third year law student who will endeavour to use as many resources as possible to answer your questions!

Agony Aunt

Issue 1: agont-aunt-issue-1

Issue 2: agont-aunt-issue-2