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Brief Overview:

  • The way this competition works is that there will be a team of two students, acting as mediators, who are working together to try and facilitate a settlement between the two clients. The clients will have been given a scenario to learn before the competition, and at the start of each round, the clients will each have a few minutes to explain their problem to the mediators. The mediators must then -- within a 30 minute time limit -- try to facilitate a settlement which both conflicting parties are happy with, of which they may not have reached without mediating.
  • Similar to Negotiation, Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). It involves placing the outcome entirely into the hands of the parties at dispute, while having third party mediators guide them to a mutual agreement.
  • This form of ADR is used all the way from big business disputes down to tenant-landlord disagreements. It is therefore particularly useful to become accustomed with.

To learn more about the Mediation competition please watch our intro to mediation video