Elected Positions Job Descriptions

Posted on February 26, 2017 by Gabriella Ezeani


I help and advise all of the Committee members on their projects, to ensure that they are successful.
I liaise with and listen to society members to ensure that the Society is moving in a beneficial direction.…
I represent the Society in meetings, at functions and at events, as well as speaking to guests and affiliates of the Society!

I am responsible for the administration of the Committee (and completing all necessary paperwork).
I support all Committee members in any way I can, in particular the Chairperson and Treasurer as part of the Executive.
I complete the minutes for each meeting which are then circulated to our members and used for reference by the committee.

I am responsible for maintaining the Law Society’s finances, in order to ensure that we can provide the best opportunities to our members.
I produce a sponsorship package, seeking financial backing from a variety of firms.
I also work closely with other committee members and sub-committees, to make sure that each branch of the Society is well-funded.

International Officer:
I am responsible for representing and supporting the International law students at the University of Leicester.
I run and maintain the Mentoring Scheme.
I actively encourage the involvement of International students within the Society.

Academic Officer:
I arrange for speakers to attend the university, on legal and academic issues.
I organise academic trips to advance the career opportunities of members.
The trips I arrange include the Law Society trip to Strasbourg, Amsterdam, and the Inns of Court in London.

Publicity Officer:
I am responsible for the publicising of social and career events, to let students know what is happening on campus.
I am in charge of all social media for the Law Society – our Facebook page, as well as our Twitter and Instagram accounts.
I order the hoodies for the society

I am responsible for the three main events across the academic year.
These are the Law Bar Crawl, the Christmas Social, and the Law Ball.
I aim to achieve a more integrated Law Society, and make the social events phenomenal evenings to remember.

I promote sports within the Law School so that as many people as possible are made aware and are able to get involved.
I ensure that each team is able to train and participate in all possible fixtures.
I maintain the high standard of organisation within the society’s sports teams to ensure that the teams are able to compete in national tournaments.

To apply, send your manifesto (A4 and PDF) to Scarlett at gss16 by 5pm Mon 27th Feb.