Competition Secretaries x2


Being a part of the University Law Society has meant I have met so many great people. I think that the best part of being on the Committee is social as everyone is in the same position, busy rushing around doing their bit, and so the support is great. Specifically as a Competitions Secretary, I will be honest, the role can be a struggle at times to get everything done. Deadlines. Juggling tutorials with running a competition. Debates. Client interviewing. Mediation. Negotiating. Judging. Writing a motion. Even a competition that you have never competed in yourself before. But I think that that is why I have enjoyed it so much. Always busy. I think that this is the most important thing if you want to be a Competitions Secretary: enjoy being busy!

How many?

This role has two vacancies.

Application process?

Application & Interview. If you wish to apply for this committee position, please email a completed application form to and by Friday 11th March.

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