International Officer


Your role as the International Officer is mainly to help international students acclimatise to Leicester. The bulk of your workload will come from the Law Society’s Mentoring Scheme; you will be solely responsible to pair first year law students with either a second or final year student, allowing them to receive guidance and support from their Law School seniors. This is generally the most difficult aspect as the pairings will be made completely on your own judgments and whatever selection process you decide to implement in selecting Mentor candidates. Also, as per tradition, the Law Society hosts an International Student Welcome Party at the beginning of the academic year. As the International Officer, you will have to organise and host this event. How you wish to promote the event is entirely up to you. Personally, I designed the posters myself and booked out a section of the Dry Dock for this event. You may choose to plan other events but this is entirely up to you to decide how and where you would like to organise such functions.

Application process?

Campaign & Election. Please email your manifesto to by Friday 26th February.