The webmaster is responsible for the Law Society’s online presence. You will be put in charge of the website and our social media profiles, making sure everything is working the way it is supposed to.

The website is a powerful tool for reaching students, as well as employers, and you will be encouraged to make full use of it. You will be working closely with other committee members, using the website to generate publicity for the various events organised by the society. You will be given full creative control of the website and you will be free to choose the direction you want it to be heading, be it visual style, functionality or social media interaction. This, along with the fact that you will have a hand in most aspects of the society and will be involved in the decision making process, means that you will be in the perfect position to help shape the law society as a whole. The webmaster is easily the most varied and flexible of the available positions. With this position you will also be required to help with the Law Review website, as well as building the Law Review publication itself.

You do not need to be a computer-wizard to apply for this position. I myself had no prior website building experience before I applied last year and I have learnt on the go. While you will be given a detailed handover for this role, explaining how to operate the website and how to use software such as Adobe InDesign, you need an aptitude for on the spot problem solving as you will be faced with a variety of situations, such as, having to learn new skills quickly and as well as being able to appropriately deal with a website crash, if it ever happens.

As tough as the job may sound, it is equally rewarding and I have had a fantastic year with the committee. If you like a little challenge and are willing to learn something new, or if you already know your stuff, don’t hesitate to apply!

Application process?

Application & Interview. If you wish to apply for this committee position, please email a completed application form to am834@student.le.ac.uk by Friday 11th March.

Application Form