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This event is hosted by the Leicester SALDF division in collaboration with the University of Leicester Law Society

Date: Saturday, Feburary 24th, 2018

Time: 8:15


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The Conference Aims:

  • To bridge the gap between animal issues all around the world; enabling us to bring firms, charities and advocates closer  together to tackle animal suffering together
  • To critique our current legal system’s efforts to provide protection for non-human animals
  • To educate individuals about animal law
  • To educate students on the various avenues to assist animals with their legal education
  • To educate on the various efforts individuals are taking to better the livelihood of non-human animals around the world


Dr. Antoine F. Goetschel

Founder of GAL
Zurich, Switzerland


Dr. Antoine F. Goetschel is the founder, president and managing director of the GAL association. He has been concerned with animals’ legal status for more than three decades. He acted as the official “attorney for animal protection of the canton of Zurich (2007-2010). In this position he dealt with about 180 animal protection cases annually. He was interviewed by Swiss media and global media alike (e.g. NZZ, SRF, CNN, BBC, New York Times, Guardian, Newsweek, al Jazeera) and he has published and presented his opinions and knowledge in 13 books, many articles, media and public speeches. Dr. Antoine F. Goetschel was responsible for the scientific review of master theses and dissertations, at several Universities.

Rebekah Breder

Founder of Breder Law
Vancouver, BC

Rebeka Breder B.A. (Joint Honours, McGill University, 2000), JD (UBC, 2004). Rebeka’s passion for animal rights and welfare started at an early age. She first appeared as an animal law advocate when she was 13 years old, to convince a Montreal (Quebec, Canada) suburb to ban duck hunting. Rebeka is now known as a trailblazer in developing animal law in Canada. Some of her cases and legal opinions have changed the law and contributed to the legal evolution of animal rights and welfare. After practising animal law and litigation for over a decade in a large Vancouver downtown law firm, Rebeka opened Breder Law in December, 2016. This firm almost exclusively focusses on animal law and litigation. 


Dr. Joe Wills

Lecturer at Leicester University Law School


Dr. Joe Wills joined the law school in 2010 as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD Candidate and became a full-time member of staff in 2014. My doctoral thesis, supervised by Dr Paul O’Connell and Dr Loveday Hodson, examines the role of socioeconomic rights in global justice movement. A monograph based on this research has been published by Cambridge University Press. I am one of eight researchers on a British Academy funded project investigating how the UK and South Africa compensate private losses resulting from the failures of public authorities. I have also contributed to an Academy of Finland and University of Turku funded project entitled ‘Imagining Post-Neoliberal Regulatory Subjectivities’. I am currently working on issues relating to the moral and legal status of non-human animals.

Edie Bowles

Solicitor at Cruelty Free International


Edwina is an A-law trustee and the student group manager of A-law. Edwina has been involved with the UK Centre for Animal Law (A-law) since 2010 and helped set up the student group, which she now manages. She is a solicitor working at Cruelty Free International, which is one of the leading organisations working to end animal experiments worldwide.

Dr. Arjun Rayapudi

Doctor and Nutritionist

Dr. Arjun Rayapudi is a general surgeon and a plant-based community nutritionist. He is certified by American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He did his surgical residency training at University of Florida and University of Illinois at Peoria after obtaining the medical degree from Rangaraya Medical College. He holds Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from Cornell University and Dr. McDougall's Starch Solution Certificate. He is working as a General Surgeon and Endoscopist at Burin Peninsula Health Care Center, located in beautiful rural Newfoundland, Canada.

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Leicester SALDF Chair: Tiffany Mitchell