The LULS x Series is a ten-week educational programme that aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of their selected programme.


Structure of the LULS x Series

Students must complete the LULS x Series application form.

We aim to recruit 50 students for this programme and it is open to both Law and non-law students. However, students who have not been selected will still be able to attend workshops.


What would this involve?

The LULS x Series will involve debates, discussions, seminars, case studies, presentations and group work. We aim to make each session interactive, engaging and enlightening to all participants in the programme. 

This programme can be used to complete the Leicester Award, which encourages students to challenge themselves and try new things. The Leicester award will be indicated on student’s transcripts and shows the transferable skills that they have gained at university.


Timing of the Programme

The programme will run from October to February. We would have an introduction at the start of the programme and an end of series social at the end of the programme to celebrate the achievements of the participants.




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