The LULS x Series: Commercial Awareness is a ten-week educational programme that will, unsuprisingly provide students with commercial awareness. As the future brings innovation, the rise of fintech, artifical intelligence and new industrial regulations. We want to prepare our students for the changes to come, increasing their employability with a greater understanding of what these changes mean. 

We are a society with a vision to champion diversity. We will equip both law and non-law students with the ability to analyse commercial news and how to evidence it to future employers. We will achieve this through debates, workshops, case studies, group work, and academic discussions. Commercial awareness cannot be learnt in one day; the LULS x Series: Commercial Awareness will be the foundation for our students to articulate the mission and purpose of a law firm and the factors that are critical to its success. 


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Financial Times

The University also offers a free subscription to the Financial Times.  

Follow the link and use your university login to get started!