The LULS x Series : Investments is a ten-week educational programme that provides students with a deeper understanding of the financial word. Naturally,the financial crisis has had an impact on everyone, regardless of how much knowledge of the crisis they actually hold. It has become crucial to educate and equip students with the technical skillset and understanding of how the financial world works and the decisions made by the 'invisible hand' impact their daily lives. 

The LULS x Series will provide students the opportunity to discover new interests and gain a new perspective on the crossroad at which the financial and legal world meet. As a student, you will lead how to make good investment choices in your own personal lives, thus, successfully preparing you for financial liberation and independence as you enter the real world. As the future brings innovation, the major impacts of Fintech, Brexit, Artificial Intelligence, and new regulations like MIFIID II are imminent. The investment series will prepare you for the changes to come, increasing your employability with a greater understanding of what these changes mean to your prospective fields.