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The LULS x Series: Technology is a ten-week educational programme that aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of technology and the law.

Globally, technology is growing at an exponential rate and, undoubtedly, the lawyers of the future should be able to understand how technology can seamlessly be integrated in the legal world. The use of new technologies in law firms echoes what's happening in the wider business economy where the emergence of new technologies, processes, and automation have all brought exciting changes and vast business benefits. It has also established a new work structure.

The LULS x Series: Technology will provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between technology and the law. It will also equip students with the technical skills that will enable them to understand both the technical and legal aspect of emerging technology. As the, future brings innovation, the rise of Fin Tech, artificial intelligence, cybercrime and security, automation ,bitcoin, and the block-chain technology, we want to prepare youfor the changes to come, increasing your employability with a greater understanding of what these changes mean to your prospective fields. 

We will be working in collaboration with GeekLaw and the Computing Society.