Finimize is a website that provides digital financial plans for free. This site aims to assist young people who are struggling with financial literacy and aid them with coping with the present financial climate. By signing up, you will receive daily emails from the Finimize team providing information about financial concepts in simple terms as they coincide with current events.

Allabout Law is a comprehensive website that contains a vast array of information that will be helpful in your legal career. Aimed towards students, school leavers and graduates, this site provides advice on steps to take for your chosen legal career, work experience, jobs and courses. Furthermore they also consistently provide up-to-date reports current events and their effect on UK Law. is a detailed website that will keep you up to date on the latest legal opportunities, whilst providing insight into individual firms, allowing you to easily apply for their openings. They have regular articles from those in the industry on how to succeed, both in applications and your course. Additionally their ‘Locker’ is great tool to use during your applications for work experience and jobs.

The Lawyer Portal is a great website that provides resources for any students seeking a career in the legal world, whether that be as a solicitor or a barrister. They provide insight into different firms and chambers, their specialisations, opportunities that are available and tips for producing the best application. They also run events that will help enhance your commercial awareness, application skills and other practical skills.