Baker McKenzie Brand Ambassador Law Clinic

Another event hosted by your Baker McKenzie Brand Ambassador Niara Lee!

On the 19th October 2017, come to the Baker McKenzie Law Clinic! The Law Clinic is divided into two sessions to not only provide information and personal sessions about the firm but to also accommodate lectures and inabilities to make the first session!


The Law Clinic will be split into two sessions:
Session 1 will occur from 2-3pm in the Attenborough Building on the 8th Floor, Room 802 and will specifically entail provision of Information about the firm and Upcoming events which will truly help with applications and networking with the firm!

Session 2 will 4-5pm in the Attenborough Seminar Block Second Floor SR 212. It will incorporate the same aspects but will also include the ability to ask personal questions about recently started applications and any further queries!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask Niara! She's also one of the Solicitor's Rep for the Law Society!