Family Mentoring Scheme - LULS Edition

A new scheme for the Law Society which differs from other mentoring programmes! Introducing the Family Mentoring Scheme!

Most of you would have taken part in the mentoring scheme last year either as a mentor or mentee. This year we’ve switched it up making our mentoring scheme the most unique ever!

Mentor groups will be made up of “parents” (mentors) and “children” (mentees). Each group will have two parents and 3-5 children, making up a typical nuclear family

“Parents” can either be second or final years and will give advice, answer questions their “children” may have. Just like an actual family! “Children” can either be first or second years.

You won’t be paired up with just anyone! Our application form is designed to gather your favourites and compared to others who apply; so we can pair up the Drake fans with Drake fans, and bring pizza-lovers together. This way it will be easier for you to make friends with your family.

This is a completely new and unique scheme to take part in so I highly recommend you sign up! You will also gain skills of being a mentor (something nice to put on your CV)

The sign ups are open now until the 19th of October! Those who sign up are invited to come to the Adoption Day where you can meet your children/parents and see if you are right for each other!

The sign up form is here: