LULS X Series Application

Introducing our new programme the LULS X Series! Open to all law and non-law students!

The LULS X Series is a programme designed... for students who have an interest in a specific area of law or students who intend to do something outside of law.

This year the X Series will focus on Technology, Investments, Animal Rights and Commercial Awareness. Each project will hold ten sessions including firm presentations and student led sessions over the academic year (Animal Rights is three sessions and one conference). Involvement in this programme will enhance an individual’s CV invaluably.

If selected to participate in the programme, individuals will need to commit to all organised sessions unless they communicate mitigating circumstances to the team. Completion of the programme will result in certification of your involvement.

At the end of your course prizes will be awarded – provided by companies in each of the industries – such as work experience. Such experiences are rare and will greatly develop your future applications.

Attached to this post is the application form. Send your application to the Director of LULS X Series, Gemma Thorne (glt13) .You must be a paid member in order for your application to be considered. 

To download the application please go here :