Sports Sunday :)

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Today kicked off the Intramural League for Netball and Football! Every Sunday our teams play against other teams in our university for the title of The Champions at the end of the year! Last year, both our Law Netball teams reached 1st and 2nd of the League and the Football teams won the same! So we are currently The Champions of Football and Netball!

And we’re already working on our winning streak!

Law B played against Social 1 today and we made them anti-social by beating them 13-6! The Social team awarded Player of the Match to our goal shooter Khazena Russell for her amazing shots! Our Netball team awarded Player of the Match to our goal keeper Ellana Bishop, for great interception and catching all the rebounds!

Both teams were meant to play today, however the team for the Law B match didn’t show, so Law B won 3-0 by default! 😁 One word to describe the other team: shook. 😏 Cause they knew we would have won anyway

Law A played against History drawing 2-2, with goals by Ollie Simpson and Will Connick! A very tight match indeed, but don’t worry we’ll put the History team back in the past next time! Congrats to Will Connick winning Man of the Match!

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Here’s to another year of great success! 🏆✨