General Information: The Common Misconception

Non-law students may be under the impression that they cannot join the University of Leicester Law Society; however that could not be further from the truth! In fact we welcome non-law students to the join our Law Society and encourage them to engage with our members and events. We are here to support any students who are interested in pursuing a career in the legal sector, regardless of which stage of the process they are at!

Not having a law degree is no barrier to becoming a lawyer; in fact the legal profession today is full of non-law graduates. On average law firms recruit 50% of students from a non-law background, therefore it is important to realise non-law students are by no means at a disadvantage.

Law Firms appreciate the differing perspectives that non-law students are able to offer. They are looking for well-rounded candidates who are able to use their experience to demonstrate transferable skills, beyond pure legal knowledge.  Additionally, if you are able to demonstrate a commitment to the law, as well as commercial awareness and a strong academic record, that will put you in good stead to pursue a career in law. The key lies in being able to demonstrate the skills acquired throughout your degree and relate this to why you have chosen law and why they would be beneficial when practicing as a lawyer.

The table below offers a few ideas about how non-law degrees can enhance a career in law:


Why join LULS?

The Law Society is a brilliant way for non-law students to gain exposure to the legal field and network with other likeminded individuals – professionals and students alike. We regularly organise events such as employer-led workshops, and law firms are keen to engage with students in a less formal environment. These are perfect opportunities to meet graduate recruiters and legal trainees which are crucial to your applications being as successful as possible. There are also many socials held throughout the year so you can really enrich your university experience by allowing you to meet so many new people. So, get involved!

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