The Firm

Volatility and uncertainty are the new norm. With events like Brexit in the UK and the new administration in the US just two examples of recent geopolitical upheaval, we need to be able to help our clients navigate a constantly changing and challenging market. And it requires a new type of thinking and a different mindset.

We call it The New Lawyer. 

Lawyers who collaborate unusually well across borders, markets and industries around the globe. Lawyers who embrace new ideas and emerging technologies to give businesses confidence in these uncertain times.

We are The New Lawyers. 
We are Baker McKenzie.


Our Open days are running on the 25 October 2018, the 6 and 10 December 2018, and 9 January 2019.

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We also offer a First Year Insight Scheme: run over two days, the course gives you a broad insight into how a big, global law firm like ours operates and the sort of projects we work on. It involves a series of interactive workshops, networking opportunities, lawyer shadowing and one-to-one sessions with our Graduate Recruitment & Development team.

Applications open 1 October 2018