If you have an in interest in the law, are thinking about pursuing a legal career, or just want to get more involved with law student life, then the Law Society at the University of Leicester is for you!

We aim to bridge the gap between what you learn in your law degree, and the experience and skills needed to enter the legal profession and the world of work in general. In applications it is crucial that you can illustrate to employers that you can juggle commitments and put your knowledge to use – and we offer everything you could possibly need to achieve that.

As a member, you’ll be eligible to compete in all of our projects. This includes mooting, our mock trial competitions, which all have mini-pupillages as prizes from barristers’ chambers. We always have judges, academics or barristers judging the finals of our mooting competitions and last year we were privileged to have Sir Terence Etherton judging our Senior mooting final. We also offer competitions such as debating, mediation, client interviewing and negotiating.

You can join our sports teams (with weekly training sessions and regular socials – netball and football).

You can also attend the many academic events we run with leading law firms which we run alongside the Careers Development Service at the university. We aim to run as many workshops and sessions as possible to prepare you for entering and apply for the legal profession.

The Law Society also organises socials and events throughout the year, such as the glamorous and highly anticipated Law Ball which will be held in February 2019.



As a Society there are many trips planned for throughout the year, which includes national trips to the Inns of courts, local courts and our annual international trip.

We also provide students with the opportunity to meet and network with a plethora of firms and chambers by arranging meet and greets with both International and local firms. There are many career workshops and organised talks that are popular amongst members to gain insight into legal careers and also join in with discussions on particular topics controversial within the law.

There are also many further opportunities to develop your practical skills. This could be through getting involved through being an editor, events coordinator, or financial advisor for our academic legal publication the University of Leicester Student Law Review. Alternatively, you can contribute to the Leicester Student Law Review through writing your own article on any area of law.

This year the Law Society has decided to change how the publicity is run to make sure that our members are fully aware of what is going on. We have done this by creating the Law Society Snapchat, which will frequently be updated during Law Society events, so that you can know exactly what happened at an event! This is in conjunction with streamlining all information and making sure our three social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram remain fully updated with the same information. We will always make sure you know the time, date, location and what the event entails, plus who to contact! And of course our website will be kept up-to-date with all information and news too.

Our Law Society office will be open from 10am-4pm Monday to Friday, and a committee member will always be available during those hours to address any questions you may have. We will also publicise when committee members’ office hours are so that you know when the best time is to find the person you want to speak to!

As a member you are eligible to run for committee positions in the Spring to become a part of running and organising events for the Law Society.

Since our re-branding, the Law Society has gained more support than ever before. With unprecedented amounts of sponsorship, and every project being bigger and more successful than ever before – now is the time to get involved.

We really do offer something for everyone!