Upcoming Competitions In the past, we have entered into the following competitions:



Spectators will be welcome for all our home competitions and to away competitions if you are willing to travel to them.

In the law reception and online you will be able to find up-to-date results of how each team is progressing through the competition.

For those of you competing in the internal competitions this year you may have a chance to compete next year!


How to Qualify as an External Mooter

Typically mooters that have performed well in the internal competitions (i.e. semi-finalists and above) will be selected by the Master and Mistress of the Moots and offered the opportunity to represent the University in external competitions. Selected mooters will be invited to an interview, where they will be required to work through a moot problem in order to allow assessment of their analytical skills.


This university has a long and rich history with competing externally including winning the ESU competition and very recently having finalists and semi finalists in OUP and ESU. Also this year (2016) we won the Herbert Smith Freehills National Corporate Law Moot.